Welcome to the Neighborhood!


Our Neighborhood has gathered together to empty our closets, and attics, to gather up all of our no longer needed goodies,
and offer them for sale on

Some of these things are new and still have tags on them
(impulse purchase?) but most are gently used, and in excellent condition.

Our Neighborhood has some incredibly talented people in it , many second to none.
We include "the Artist", the "Seamstress", our costume designer who has been teaching design workshops and creator of the Skirtz as well as many other original bellydance costume creations since 1984, along with members of former belly dance troupe
"Beledi Plus", and "The Wild Tribe". "The I Dream of Jeannie Bottle lovers, " and MAJOR CBS TV "Survivor Fans" are some of our most prolific listers. Ask about "Photo Restoration by Judith" as her site is under construction.

General Terms and Conditions:
(otherwise known as blah blah blah, or yadda yadda yadda)


Please be aware of the United States Post Office is running their own show, and shippers are not in control of the time it takes to get a small package to you. We also cannot be responsible for items that clear my post office but never make it to you.

Concealed cash is surpassingly used by more buyers than I would imagine.
Never recommend.all

PayPal is wonderful! Immediate packaging and shipping upon receiving notice from PayPal.
I use them for my purchases whenever possible. No checks to write, no envelopes to address, no stamps to lick...
........................................................................ ..........................

Insurance on items is recommended . However, most lower priced items don't seem worth it for most people, especially since the postal rate increases. It is $2.00 for each $50.00.......and is your option to purchase it if you want. If an item does not make it to you, I will assist you in making your claim. Be advised, the post office will not pay more than what it was insured for, and the process can take several months to complete.

Shipping will usually be whatever is the cheapest. Often, Priority Mail is, especially if one of the "Flat Rate" envelopes can be used. I have no postal scale in my home, so I guesstimate the cost when I am listing an item. That has worked out to be both an advantage as well as a dis-advantage. Hardback books and video tapes will go Media mail unless you opt to pay for additional shipping and tell me so. Some books are awfully heavy, thus costly to go First Class.

We have a business account with, and use,
Post Boxes Plus as our shipper for sending out most all of our items. We also occasionally have them do the packaging. This saves time in searching out suitable boxes or containers, and gets the items out to my bidders faster. They charge us a modest fee for their services which I try to calculate in the S&H amount listed on the auction page. Their packing expertise has paid off many a time. So, please don't write to me and complain if the postage on the package is not what you paid, that is just the way it happens to be, at least, for right now.


Allow between two to four business days to receive the item once payment is received. We mail out twice a week, generally on Tuesdays and Fridays.

We do our level best to accurately describe the items that we are selling, and hope that as bidders, you will read and study the pictures of the items carefully. You can e-mail me prior to bidding if you have any questions. Items are sold AS IS, and we will not refund money because a buyer has simply changed their mind.

f you have any questions about an item, please email me before you bid. I will generally reply to e-mail within 24 hours, and hope that you are able to do the same.
........................You can e-Mail me from here...

The items I list mostly come from my own home or that of my friends, family, and neighbors who do not have computers. Most items for auction are vintage quality. They are gently used and previously worn, but are in very good condition or we will toss them out. All sales are final. We do not accept returns or exchanges, so please be sure to email your questions before bidding. We describe each piece to the best of our knowledge, and take the very best photographs possible. eBay is a very enjoyable hobby for me, as well as a way to help my friends and neighbors empty their attics and closets. I know that we will be sad when the day arrives that there is nothing left....

Let's talk about feedback. I am so-so on feedback once a participant has established themselves. Sellers and Bidders after a hundred or so transactions, are pretty reliable people IMO, and I really don't need to see 10,000 stars after a name to feel comfortable. Newbies will always get feedback from me...as glowingly as possible. But, like many sellers, I feel that a transaction is not complete until the buyer has received their item and is happy with it. So, please address any complaints before you leave your Feedback, as I will wait until I am sure you are satisfied before leaving mine.

So, that is my entire spiel. If you have any comments don't hesitate to write and let me hear them. Thanks for looking, bidding, and reading this far.............
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